Getting started with Romanian

Lesson 1

Greetings in Romanian

Lesson 2


Lesson 3


Lesson 4

How to count

Lesson 5

Learn colors

Lesson 6

Time and Date

Lesson 7

Seasons and Weather

Lesson 8

Around the house

Lesson 9


Lesson 10

Daily Routine

Lesson 9

Arriving at the restaurant

Section 1 – Useful Expressions and Phrases

If you have booked a table:

  • Bună ziua, noi am rezervat o masă pentru două persoane. - Good afternoon, we have booked a table for two people. (say how many people will be eating with you)

If you have not booked a table:

  • Bună ziua. Aveți o masă liberă? - Good afternoon, Do you have a table for free?
  • Aveți o masă liberă pentru patru persoane? - Do you have a free table for four people? (say how many people are eating with you)
  • Bună ziua, nu am rezervat o masă. Mă puteți ajuta? - Good afternoon, we have not booked a table. Could you help me?

Section 2 – Ordering Food

  • Putem vedea meniul, vă rog! - Could we see the menu, please?
  • Puteți să ne aduceți meniul? - Could you bring us the menu?
  • Ce îmi recomandați? - What do you recommend?
  • Eu doresc să comand. - I would like to order.

Section 3 – Choosing What To Eat

Placing your order:

  • Nu suntem gata să camandăm. Ne puteți acorda încă câteva minute, vă rog? - We are not ready to order. Could you give us a few more minutes, please?
  • Suntem gata să comandăm. - We are ready to order.
  • Noi dorim să comandăm. - We would like to order.

Asking for more drinks:

  • La fel din nou, vă rog! - Same again, please!
  • Aș putea avea un alt pahar ( o altă sticlă ) de vin, vă rog? - Could I have another glass ( bottle ) of wine, please?

Section 4 – Dealing with Problems

If you are given the wrong food:

  • Scuzați-mă, nu am comandat acest fel de mâncare. - Excuse me, I did not order this dish.
  • Îmi pare rău, nu am comandat acest fel de mâncare. - Excuse me, I did not order this dish.

Section 5 – When You Have Finished Your Meal

  • A fost delicios! Mulțumesc! - It was delicious! Thank you!
  • A fost minunat! Mulțumesc! - It was wonderful! Thank you!
  • Totul a fost foarte bun!- Everything was very good!

Section 6 – Paying For Your Meal

  • Putem avea nota de plată, mulțumesc? - Could we have the bill, thank you?
  • Pot plăti cu cardul de credit? - Can I pay by credit card?
  • Păstrează restul. - Keep the change (if you pay cash, and want to leave a tip).

Section 7 – General Romanian Vocabulary for Dining Out in Restaurants

  • Rezervare- Booking
  • Petrecere- Party
  • Meniu- Menu
  • Specialitatea zilei- Today’s special
  • Șervețel- Napkin
  • Cuțit, furculiță, lingură- Knife, fork, spoon
  • Aperitiv- starter
  • Fel Principal- Main course
  • Desert- Dessert
  • Apă- Water
  • Vin- Wine
  • Bere- Beer