Getting started with Romanian

Lesson 1

Greetings in Romanian

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Lesson 4

How to count

Lesson 5

Learn colors

Lesson 6

Time and Date

Lesson 7

Seasons and Weather

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Around the house

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Daily Routine

Lesson 3

Learn the Romanian Alphabet

Take it easy! I would like to help you with learning the Romanian Alphabet. In this lesson, you will learn how to read and pronounce the Romanian letters correctly and easily. Below, you can find a chart with the letters, the English sound, and audio that will help you to hear the pronunciation of the characters.

Romanian AlphabetEnglish SoundPronunciation Example
A a/a/father
Ă ă/ə/above
B b/b/ball
C c/k/, /tʃ/camera
D d/d/dark
E e/e/, /e̯/, /je/economy
F f/f/flag
G g/ɡ/, /dʒ/gate
H h/h/,(mute) habit or silent if h appears between letters c or g and e or i (che, chi, ghe, ghi)
I i/i/, /j/, /ʲ/image
Î î/ɨ/Check the audio below
J j/ʒ/pleasure
K k/k/like
L l/l/land
M m/m/manage
N n/n/name
O o/o/, /o̯/organization
P p/p/pack
Q q/k/kettle
R r/r/Rabbit
S s/s/snake
Ș ș/ʃ/sugar
T t/t/tall
Ț ț/ts/pizza
U u/u/, /w/group
V v/v/vacation
W w/v/, /w/, /u/Check the audio below
X x/ks/, /ɡz/example
Y y/j/, /i/yard Check the audio below
Z z/z/Zero